Thursday, 26 May 2011

Douglas XC-47C / DC-3 on floats

This variant of the iconic C-47/DC-3 first flew in 1943. 30 sets of Edo-78-29 400 floats were produced with the plan of fitting on other aircraft. Only a few in the end were ever fitted with floats. The 42ft long floats were also fuel tanks that could hold 300 US Gallons. The 34,162 pound aircraft was a tricky handful for it’s pilots in Crosswinds and landing on choppy water. The floats cut it’s top speed by 30mph compared to a standard aircraft
One DC-3 N130Q (c/n 11761) was converted in 1976 and based at Greenville Maine Airport. It flew for a good number of years before finally being converted back to a standard DC-3.

DC-3 N130Q Photo by Henk Geerlings

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