Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The gravel kit equipped Boeing 737-200

on the grass!

Read all about the gravel kit @:

Take a look at this clip below and see it operate from a grass strip!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

DH 93 Don

The elegant D.H. 93 Don was an advanced trainer and was unique in that it incorporated a manually operated dorsal turret. Two pilots and a radio operating/gunner trainee could be accommodated. It first flew on the 18th of June 1937. The Air Ministry & RAF then changed its mind about the need for such a machine (and the order for 250 aircraft). The 28 of the 30 delivered were 4-6 passenger communications & courier aircraft with the turrets removed. 20 additional airframes (without engines) were also completed and used as instructional airframes. The Don was withdrawn from service just before the start of WW2.

Communications Version

with turret

note intakes on the wing root

ENGINE 1 x de Havilland Gipsy King 1
inline piston engine, 391kW
Take-off weight 3112 kg/ 6861 lb
 Empty weight 2291 kg/ 5051 lb
 Wingspan 14.48 m/ 48 ft 6 in
 Length 11.38 m/ 37 ft 4 in
 Height 2.87 m/ 9 ft 5 in
 Wing area 28.24 m/2 303.97 sq ft
 Max. speed 304 km/h/ 189 mph
 Ceiling 7100 m/ 23300 ft
 Range 1432 km/ 890 miles