Monday, 12 September 2011

DC-9 ? No it's a BAC One-Eleven

The wonderful BAC One-Eleven was leased to many carriers in it's heyday that operated the DC-9.
That must of made people look twice! Some nice rare pictures below...

G-AWYS Leased from BCal 23.04.1970 - 31.10.1970
G-ATPJ Leased from BAC 1967 for just a few months

YR-BRA Leased from TAROM  1989-80
G-ATPL leased from Dan-Air 1967 

G-WLAD Leased from Airways International Cymru 1986
YU-ANT  1987

...and some rare ones in main carriers colours:
GAVMI European Aircharter leased by Sabena from March 1995- June 1996.

G-AYOP Leased from BCal 1974

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Court Line - A pictorial tribute

A lovely shot of 4 Court Line One-Elevens at Luton

G-BAAA "Halcyon Days"

G-BAAB "Halcyon Breeze"

G-AXMG "Halcyon Sky"


G-AWBL "Halcyon Dawn" The only 400srs they operated 

 3 One-Elevens

another shot of G-BAAA "Halcyon Days"

UPDATED 16/10/2015

Interesting aircraft types operated by Cimber Air

Cimber Air was established on the 1st of August 1950. It was founded by the late Captain Ingolf Nielsen.

Cimber Sterling (the name it now operates under) was created on the 7th of January 2009 after Cimber Air bought the air operators certificate of the bankrupt Sterling Airways. Cimber Sterling now operates ATP42/72s, 737-700s, & CRJ-200s.

Back in the days of Cimber Air it operated a range of rarer aircraft types that made them a bit more interesting than many other airlines. Their old colour scheme was also one of my favorites.
DH 104 Dove

Gulfstream 1

Nord 262

VFW 614