Saturday, 30 June 2012

Scottish European

Scottish European (WW/SEU) was set up in July 1988 acquiring the two aircraft and licences of the defunct Chieftain Airways. Ad hoc charter operations started on October 5th 1988. Scheduled services between Glasgow, Brussels and Frankfurt were launched in November 1988. Edinburgh-Brussels was opened in May 1989, followed by Edinburgh-Frankfurt in July and Newcastle-Frankfurt in September 1989. The 748s were operated in a generous 40-seat configuration, with a high level of cabin service. The company after one large injection of cash and adding a third aircraft finally ran out of steam in April 1990.

Fleet details:
G-BMFT HS.748 2A (C/N 1714)
G-BPDA HS.748 2A (C/N 1756) ex Chieftain Airways
G-BPFU HS.748 2A (C/N 1757) ex Chieftain Airways

G-BPFU HS.748 2A (C/N 1757)

Chieftain Airways (C/N 1756) G-GLAS
 that ended up as G-BPDA with Scottish European

Friday, 29 June 2012

MD-80SF Freighter

A freighter version of the MD80 series had been talked about for years. With over 200 MD80s parked up and 600+ in service it makes the conversion an attractive alternative to the 737-400 for roughly one-third of the price. Due to the non standard cargo containers AEI is targeting airlines that do not transfer cargo between types.

The first MD-80SF Freighter has now been converted by Aeronautical Engineers (AEI). This is ex American Airlines MD-82 (c/n 49470, registration N73444). Everts Air Cargo will acquire this aircraft after certification has been completed.

AEI has firm orders for fifteen MD-80SFs from four undisclosed customers. So hopefully? Mad Dogs will be around for many years with this new lease of life.

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Below is from:
Florida's Aeronautical Engineers has performed the maiden flight of its converted Boeing MD-80 freighter, and the modification specialist is optimistic of obtaining a supplemental type certificate for the aircraft by the end of the month. The passenger-to-freight converted twinjet took off on its first flight on 28 September.

"It only has to do a smoke-test flight, and has already passed its smoke test on the ground," says Robert Convey, vice-president of sales and marketing for Aeronautical Engineers."We do not have to do any flight performance tests, because we are not altering those aspects of the aircraft."

AEI says it already has 15 orders lined up for the 21t freighter, which has a similar payload and range to the Boeing 737-400, although with a smaller cross-section. Customers are based in the USA, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

The company expects to have two to three lines performing the conversions from next May, for which it ultimately predicts demand for as many as 200, mainly from carriers in developing countries.

Aeronautical Engineers, which has already performed 737 conversion work, embarked on the MD-80 programme in February 2010 and has carried out the initial development work - including installation of a class-E cargo compartment on the main deck - on a former American Airlines aircraft.
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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Princess Air

Princess Air (Q8/PRN) was a British airline that operated 2 x BAe146s between 1998-1991 based at Southend-on-Sea Essex. Formed by local Tour operator Burstin Travel operating passenger charter flights along with cargo flights at night (using its quick change passenger to freighter BAe 146-200QC G-PRIN). Cargo flights were operated between Cologne & Brussels. Charter passenger flights operated from Southend, Bournemouth, Bristol & Exeter amongst others to destinations that included: Jersey, Faro, Malaga, Alicante, Palma, Venice, & Dubrovnik. In the end with more aircraft (200QCs) on order they stopped operating in February 1991 due to the economic climate at the time.

G-PRIN BAe 146-200QC 

Info about Princess Air
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Inter European Airways  (IP/IEA) commenced operation in May 1987. Initial plans had indicated the use of two Boeing 737-300 aircraft, but in place of these a single 737-200 leased from GPA was used.
After operating during the Summer 1987 season, the aircraft was returned to GPA at the end of October and operations ceased for the winter.
Two new Boeing 737-300 series aircraft were however delivered in early 1988 - these too being leased from GPA.
Over the subsequent years, the IEA fleet grew to a total of 12 aircraft, though the maximum operated at any time was 8 aircraft during 1992 & 1993.
Other aircraft operated included the Boeing 737-400, Boeing 757-200 and Airbus A320-200.
In June 1993 parent company Aspro Travel was acquired by the Airtours Group for £20m.
Operations under the IEA name continued to the end of October 1993.
The Inter European Airways fleet was then either disposed of (Boeing 737-300/400 aircraft) or merged into the Airtours International fleet and repainted into their livery. 
From wikipedia.

More fleet details @:

G-BNGK Boeing 737-2L9

G-BNGM Boeing 737-3YO

G-OAHK  Boeing 757-23A  

G-IEAG Airbus A320-231 

G-OIEA Piper PA-31P-425 Pressurized Navajo