Monday, 4 April 2011

Captured enemy aircraft

Luftwaffe Hurricaine

Some great Wellington pictures here:

Luftwaffe Spitfire

RAF Me 109
RAF Fw 190

RAF He 111

RAF He 177

RAF Ju 88

RAF Fw 200 'Condor'  
(Heinrich Himmler's personal transport)
Picture by Gerald Trevor Roberts

French Air Force

RAF Bf 110

Luftwaffe C-47

RAF Fw 190

RAF Ju 87

RAF Ju 87 'under entirely new management'
Nice touch!

Czech Air Force Me 262

USAF Me 262

USAF Me 109

RCAF Me 109

RAF Me 163

RAF Do 335


Luftwaffe F-5 Lightning

Luftwaffe Short Stirling

No. 1426 (Enemy Aircraft) Flight RAF, nicknamed "the Rafwaffe"

Zirkus Rosarius (also known as the Wanderzirkus Rosarius) Luftwaffe unit

More captured aircraft @:

Some more RAF Me 109s:

RAF Heinkel He 219

RAF He-111

USAF He 111







RAF Me109

RAF Me104

USAF Me109


USAF Me262

More can be seen @:


  1. Wow, great blog! Lots of interesting stuff, and lots of planes I never knew existed. Looking forward to further posts. I'm going to follow your blog, maybe you'll consider clicking my "follow"-button! ;-)

  2. Athens,Greece September the 4th 2013.
    I accidentally bumped onto your blog while searching for some "good old planes" to download as a common simmer. I stood amazed watching these pictures of yours.! This is real history.! One can hardly imagine French, British, or American Messerschmitts 109 or German Hurricanes etc..etc..
    I could never imagine the history knowledge I would have acquired when I started "messing around" with FSX and air crafts..
    Thank you my friend. I'll bookmark your site and read/view your posts._
    Alan Castel

  3. Hi Alan thanks for your nice comments. I hope you have fun painting and researching aircraft in the wrong colours! I did some fs painting years ago and enjoyed it. My laptop can't cope with the graphics so not played for a good few years. One day I will get back into it - Cheers TAA

  4. Hi again. Thanks for your reply!
    I forgot to mention the breathtaking visual value of your "front-page" black and white picture...The car, the pilots, the coffee brake, the dog, all mixed with the magnificent Hurricane and Wellington in the back, in a moment of inertia, waiting for "the signal" so that the engines roar again... It is so powerful.!
    (I'm not a war-freak I just like airplanes driven by human hands,..not computers.) I wish you "one day'" to obtain the laptop you desire_ Cheers Alan Castel

  5. Hi Alan
    Glad you like the header photo. I love it great car, planes, pipe smoking & a black dog of course...the caravan is a nice touch as well. Yes one day I'll get back into flight siming. I must try and fly some of stuff on this blog- cheers TAA (Keith)